Do you feel blocked sometimes?
Does it sometimes seem to you as if you are being guided by foreign energies?
Do you feel physical tension or negative emotions like
Fear and insecurity?

Meridian Cleansing effectively dissolves your blockages:

  • Super simple tool for energetic cleaning
  • ​Significantly more vitality, well-being and self-confidence after just 21 days
  • ​Experienced instructions via video, PDF and audio guide you through the 7 stages of Energy Cleansing
Meridians are energy channels that run through your entire body.
They transport the energy to where you need it and thus ensure the correct flow of energy. The aura and chakras bring the energy - your energy body absorbs it from your surroundings and brings it to you.

Ideally, only positive and vital energies are brought in and then distributed by your meridians.
However, sometimes external, inefficient energies can be brought in and circulated.
These low frequency energies tend to cause blockages or make the meridians sluggish.

The consequences range from a lack of vitality and self-confidence to emotional blockages in the heart chakra area and effects on the liver.

The MERIDIAN CLEANSING helps you to let energies flow freely again. Through the pure power of intention, you release blockages, heal contaminated sites that have been stored for generations and leave the low-frequency vibration field.

You embark on an irreversible upward spiral and will finally experience the free energetic flow in private life and business again.
And more: YOU WILL BE PART OF THE GREAT MOVEMENT, heal your loved ones and the earth at the same time.

Meridian Cleansing Tool

If you want to get into business ease as an experienced expert, coach and thought leader, cleaning your energy flow is essential.

Meridian Cleansing is a powerful, ultra-effective and fast-acting tool that restores your energetic balance. It is so easy to use that the effects will seem incredible to you.

 Use Meridian Cleansing for 21 days and you will already get amazing results.

This is neither deep meditation nor hypnosis!
You activate the power of meridian cleansing yourself with your pure intention. You only need to spend 2 minutes a day for this.

Meridian Cleansing consists of 7 powerful activation sequences:

  • ​CLEARING: Disused energies are deleted
  • ​REPAIR: Repair of all meridian paths
  • RESET: Restoration of your individual high vibrating original sequence
  • ​HEALING: healing your energy body
  • And more sequences for pure wellbeing
Meridian Cleansing has nothing to do with witchcraft or empty promises. We provide you with a tool directly from the quantum field that you can individually adjust to YOUR OWN HIGHEST FREQUENCY with YOUR OWN INTENTION ... We unfold the true essence in you so that you become the person who can follow their mission with passion and achieve their goals with ease.


Business Mentor for Ultra-Performers and Quantum Psychologist. She is a specialist for high performing experts, entrepreneurs & uber successful Business Owners.


Norbert Hofer is an entrepreneur, author, consciousness teacher, Starseed and Cryptopreneur. 

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