Are you a Starseed?
Explore our Starseed Checklist to find out if you are a Starseed that came to earth a long time ago and has another home planet.
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Discover your true galactic self and unleash the light within

  • THE REAL YOU: Find out in minutes what cosmic origin your soul has.
  • COSMIC REVELATION: Do you feel lost, misunderstood or homesick? Finally detect the real reasons behind it and what you can do.
  • STARSEED TRIBE: Get to know and understand the most common Starseed types that are incarnated here on earth.
  • DIVINE MISSION: Activate your true galactic mission. Support your fellow human beings, clients and your business even more purposefully.
  • Download your checklist now and you will have the answer in 7 minutes…

Stefanie Bruns

Business Mentor for Ultra-Performers and Quantum Psychologist. She is a specialist for high performing experts, entrepreneurs & uber successful Business Owners.

Norbert Hofer

Norbert Hofer is an entrepreneur, author, consciousness teacher, Starseed and Cryptopreneur. 
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