Activate your intergalactic potential and your genetic treasure chest on DNA level
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The Starseed Activation is a digital product.
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Exclusive 3-hour STARSEED MASTER ACTIVATION with Norbert & Stefanie:

  • COSMIC DNA ACTIVATION: Activate your cosmic DNA with all the psychic Starseed potential
  • RECONNECT TO INTERGALACTIC TRIBE: Connect with your Starseed Sister- & Brotherhood
  • HIGH FREQUENCY SOUL PARTS REUNION: Reclaim your high frequency soul parts to heal your heart, receive more success in life and business and live in pure abundance.
  • ​STARSEED MASTERY: Step into the master status of your intergalactic ancestral lineage
  • STARSEED ACTIVATION PRACTITIONER: Get all the information you need to perform this Starseed Activation on others, become even more successful and support the Great Awakening.

What the Starseed Master Activation does for you

Maybe you have never heard of "Starseeds", but you might still be interested in this activation. Maybe you are a Star Wars fan and it simply reminds you of home...

But it could also be that you already know which intergalactic incarnations you have lived through. No matter where you are, if you are like our other clients, you sometimes feel like an alien and an outsider. Your feeling is not deceptive - you have always felt it right, even if you often do not understand your earthly family. 
Your message from us to you: You have arrived.  

Welcome to the Starseed Tribe - The Light is with you!

In the Starseed Master Activation you connect with your true soul family and find them again on this planet. 
Through a Quantum Leap Hypnosis we will activate your heart rate, download your intergalactic abilities, which will prepare you for true Mastery. 

You will connect with your original pure being and feel inner peace within you, because suddenly you know what you are here for - the Sacred Mission "Heaven on Earth".



Business Mentor for Ultra-Performers and Quantum Psychologist. She is a specialist for high performing experts, entrepreneurs & uber successful Business Owners.


Marketing medium, business pioneer
& self-made millionaire. But his true passion is the spiritual development of the heart, because with unconditional love and activated heart frequency, success also resonates in your life.

    Yes, I want to unlock the connection to my Starseed Tribe and the intergalactic potential

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